Since you're on my about page I figured I would give a small history lesson of the site. Melbournephotos has existed in some form or other since 2002. When I started taking photos for a web forum called skyscrapercity. I was quite early in joining the digital camera revolution and I spent a lot of my time taking photos to post onto said site. So this site started as nothing more than a dumping ground for my photos so I could link to them from another location.

I coaxed a mate of mine into writing a small gallery program in php so people could access my photos without needing a computer science degree. Eventually I got my own computer science degree and started writing the software myself.

Photography wise I slowly built my skills taking thousands of photos before buying my first real camera in 2004. It was Canon 300D; the first real affordable digital SLR. The manual controls and interchangable lenses really beat the rules of photography into my brain. 6 years later I still take it with me, although most of my photos are now taken with a Canon 40D.

About me

I'm a twenty-something computer programmer. When I'm not out taking photos I spend my days working creating iPhone games for a local games company. For me the job seems to provide the right level of left-brain-logic and right-brain-creativity I need to not go insane.


I would like to use one of your photos.

Sure! I generally charge around $50 for the use of a photo. But it entirely depends on the scale of the use. If a mega-corporation would like to use some for a large ad campaign I'm going to charge more than for local plumbing business wanting to spruce up their website.

When you've found the photo you would like to use email me using the link at the bottom of the page and we'll work out the details. Include the filename of the photo so I can look up the resolution of the source image.

I would like to use one of your photos. But I don't want to pay!

Sure! If you're a non-profit organisation I'll let you use the photos for free. You're still required to email me for permission so I can keep track of who is using what. But I'll also provide the high resolution source image.

I also allow the re-posting of my photos on forums, blogs and personal websites etc. As long they follow these rules.

  • Include a link to this site near the photo.
  • You must link the photo directly. You shouldn't upload to your own site or flickr/facebook etc. I have plenty of bandwidth.
  • Do not edit or resize my photo.
  • Photos to be used on Wikipedia have my permission to ignore the above rules. I'm also fine with people saving photos for their desktop backgrounds etc. Just don't print them without permission.

    It's a bit grey in here

    It sure is! The new site is supposed to bring the colour of the photos out by making the background dull. Still, you can click the main melbournephotos banner to get the site in a random fruity colour. I like the blue.


    I've setup a little facebook group.

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